Ideas for game

Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24


Spelling Bee Shoutcast

  • Chose phrases
  • Have to keep up with commentary
  • Being speechless to often get
  • The better you line the phrases up, the better you do?

Spider Mage

  • Collect bugs
    • Jitterbugs
    • Love Bugs
    • Worker Ants
    • Mighty Bombadier Beetles
  • Combine bugs into spells to fullfill contracts

  • Use spells to complete contracts for things

Game loop:

  • Get contracts from mailbox
  • walk around map, looking for bugs
  • Fight bugs in 2D arenas
  • Once enough bugs have been collected, turn in for contract, and/or results of that contract
  • What are the abilities of this spider in the 2D arena?
    • Magic Missile
    • Web Capture
    • Swipe


  • You are a wizard against the worlds armies
  • Lots of AOE spells, and involved ways of casting them
  • You're in a tower, so you have some time, but make sure that you don't let people beat on it for too long, or it'll fall down


  • In order to get your wish, you need to farm the right dyes and fabrics
  • Beware of bug storms, bears, and storms
  • Use wands to speed up growing, fend off pests and so on.