Plans for

Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24


  1. Add created/updated information to posts/ideas
  2. Find a place to update so it warns about _app issues
  3. Update HTML generation to include doctype and UTF-8 encoding
  4. Add the ability to have table-driven page elements, to make submitting links and editing list pages easier on phones.
  5. Maybe add a CSS breakpoint for phones?
  6. Generally look into make the site a tiny bit more accessible?


  1. Clean up redirect on idea create.
  2. Sort ideas by most recently changed
  3. Add more homepage type links.
  4. Figure out why the kilobyte_wiki_app:start/2 isn't getting called by init. If the bug is in Cowboy or, submit an issue to, and write it up regardless. (So this was due to an incorrect PROJECT name that ended in _app)
  5. Add ability to make public/private pages(Decided against)
  6. Figure out CSS to add, if any.(Done)
  7. Add view-only link to admin page(Done)
  8. Figure out how to deploy multiple releases of this software against different databases.
  9. Rename to Kilobyte Wiki