Obscure Programming languages

Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24


A bunch of programming languages done by various individuals and/or small teams. More obscure than anything below, and probably more interesting.

Other programming languages that aren't *super* popular, but have some traction.

* Quorum, an evidence based programming language
** Link https://quorumlanguage.com/download.html
* Falcon, described as "designed to make multithreaded IT programs more quickly" (paraphrased)
** Manual base: http://falconpl.org/index.ftd?page\_id=sitewiki&prj_id=_falcon_site&sid=wiki&wid=Survival%20Guide
** last read page: http://falconpl.org/index.ftd?page\_id=sitewiki&prj_id=_falcon_site&sid=wiki&pwid=Survival%20Guide&wid=Survival%3ABasic+Structures
** lobsters thread on current status: https://lobste.rs/s/1oeazt/falcon\_programming\_language
** Thoughts:
This seems kinda interesting, I kinda dig > as a means of outputting something, but I'd have to actually try it to see what it's really like to use.

* Nim: nim-lang.org
** editor support: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/wiki/Editor-Support
** awesome-nim: https://github.com/VPashkov/awesome-nim#web-frameworks