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Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24

To Read

The Digital Antiquarian: Wing Commander II

“We’re committing Twitter to increase the health and civility of conversation”

LWN: Shrinking the kernel with a hammer

How to do Code Reviews

Building mrbuffer, a text editor for an Apple IIg

Using Quality Views to Communicate Software Quality and Evolution

Why Writing a Linked List in (safe) Rust is So Damned Hard

Common Lisp PCRE

Railway oriented programming

Finding an internet home (lainchan)

A Prolog Interpreter in RPython

My First Open Source Project: Classic Finder

The Dropbox Comp

To Re-read

Things learned as SRE for the worlds 3rd busiest gambling site

The use of state machines in JS


Have Read

The 500 mile Email

Mind your dependencies

How we Learn: A Zine
Key points:

  • Make a lot of connections between points
  • Use it or lose it, preferably with spaced repetition
  • Deep connections are better than shallow ones, markedly so.

Computational Geometry Tutorial So, this isn't a tutorial on how to implement algorithms, so much as it explains how to use the algorithms provided by the library in question.

Lisp Straw Men

Mostly just silly arguments for/against members of the Common Lisp family of languages. Best quote:

> [maybe it should be begi1, begi2 and begin]

Poor Man's Netcode, an interesting article on the Data-Oriented-Design of netcode for Deciever

Lobsters: What I wish I knew before contributing to Open Soure, a person that committed code to the Harvey fork of Plan9 got removed from the contributors list in a shady looking fashion.

Introduction to the MUMPS language

Why Japanese Web Design Is So� Different

Gargle Summer of Cod

Patterns as solution anti-patterns
So the moral from this seems to be that when patterns are before the problem they address is understood, the pattern is likely to be used poorly.

What we cannot think in programming

Send the Barbarian in First

Too many Lords, not enough Stewards (Linux Kernel Leadership)