Mike O'Jean: Escape from the Fungal Fortress

Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24

Pitch: Prison Break Top Down Shooter with Risk/Reward mechanics

Top down shooter with squirrel, room/power mechanic.

Open question: How can I test the room/power mechanic?

Possible font choice?

* MVP Notions** Power/RoomInstead of Power/Rooms, it's "Choose X rooms to for enemies to spawn in",and the cost of death is having the doors of the room you died in closeInstead of generators, they're "fungal fabricators", and have to leech resources from enemy deaths.** ResourcesEach resource room starts out with a group of enemies that give that resourceand can be "opened" to continuously spawn enemies that drop that resourceThe longer a room is open, however, the more dangerous the enemies get. *** Spores*** Bones*** Stones** Player*** Sword Attack*** Gun Attack*** Interact** Rooms*** Prison Cells*** Resource*** Fabrication Rooms*** Weapon Shop** Enemies*** Spawners*** Gun shooters*** Rushers*** ** Allies*** Gun Rebel mushroom*** Sword Rebel mushroom** Boss(es)** Upgrades* * Notions** Player characters *** Mike O'Jean**** Squirrel**** Melee: Tail Whip for knockback, Cutlass for damage**** Ranged: Acorn Storm for Stun, Guns for damage*** Cratacus & Jane  **** Fiber Goats, Jane is in the backpack **** Melee: Shed for Stun, Axe for damage**** Ranged: Spit for enrage, Crossbow for Damage*** Botta**** Botta's Gopher**** Melee: TODO  ** Player actions*** Shoot weapon*** ** Rooms *** Fungal Reactors (Power other rooms, rare)*** Prison Cells (Gain Allies)*** ** Allies *** Can Guard a room, or follow you*** Types**** Rebel Fungi**** Other Player Characters**** * Tools and learning** Working with tilesets on Godot 3.0 https://youtu.be/TdPgIagt9Yo** Look into Krita** Look into affinity Designer