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DHH: Writing Software Well

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Portal 2 The Musical:

How we know what we know about programming (Vimeo)


** Look into the work of Professor Lutz(?) on programmer productivity  
** Why aren't more women in science (book)  
** Increasing length of a spec by 25% increases the complexity of the solution by 200%
** (Not replicated, Boeing) Rewriting more than 25% of a component makes it easier to just rewrite it
** (IBM, replicated?) 1 hour of reading code fills the mind, and reviewing code for 1 hour fixes more bugs than unit tests
** (Data on Vista) Physical distance between developers has no impact on post-release bug rate. Distance on the org chart does 
** Quote from HP: "We can't just have people going around and doing the right thing"
** (Study from 2001) Someone looked at most metrics related to code complexity/quality are not more predictive than a simple wc -l
** Beautiful Code
** University is for learning how to take over the world, because the 
*** Becoming the grownup
** The speaker ended with a focus on getting politically involved, like in the ACM

Ruby Rouges Ep 184: What do we actually know about software development, and why we believe it's true.


** Most SE programs focus on Project Management, not evidence based 
** Doubling rule, variance of effect needs to be combined with P-Value
** Empirical Studies on Programmers conf
** Picks 
*** by Greg Wilson
**** Trick or Treatment
**** Seeing like a State
**** Code Complete (worth a reread)
*** by Jessica
**** Seeing like a State
***** Reasons: shows why software is hard, due to all of the little details and little adjustments that happen in daily life
*** by 
**** Cover My Meds
**** Tracking your weight to lose weight
*** by Andreas
**** Walter Ticky Should Computer scientists experiment more (paper)
**** Emperical analysis in programming language adoption
**** Online Quorum interpreter

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Parser and Lexer � How to Create a Compiler part 1/5 (Bisqwit)


So, Bisqwits's presentation style starts off intriguing, but I haven't watched more than 30 seconds of this yet. But I want to.

> Some times you just need to make a compiler. There aren't many good reasons to make one today, other than exercise. ... But when I made the JRPG translations, I really needed one. Compilers like GCC and Clang just do not target the 5A22 that is in the Super Nintendo.

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