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Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2020/6/28

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17:32:38 lukas: it was the main reason why i knew i was not going to take the job
17:32:45 lukas: but the curiosity was too much so i went
17:32:48 yumaikas: Why go to the interview?
17:33:05 lukas: but the curiosity was too much so i went
17:33:09 lukas: yumaikas: ^
17:33:22 lukas: i like to interview, for the most part
17:33:28 yumaikas: Ok
17:33:30 lukas: back in college it was the only way i could afford to see the country
17:33:33 ngoldbaum: interviews stress me out
17:33:57 lukas: i had almost 20 total onsite interviews i was in from freshman year till the end
17:34:16 yumaikas: lukas: You in the US?
17:34:22 yumaikas: Also, that's a good strat
17:34:26 lukas: i'd always get them to fly me out and then give me an extra day or two that they would pay for
17:34:44 lukas: this way i got to see mountain view, seattle, nyc, chicago, san antonio, austin, etc