Submarine game

Created: 2019/10/24
Updated: 2019/10/24

Turn/slow tick based game

Map Tiles

  • Island
  • Ocean
  • Base

Turns tick every 30 seconds

  • You can stock up to 5 AP by waiting, but no more than 5 AP
  • Try to support up to 25 players?
  • Large grid of islands
  • Islands can have bases
  • Capturing a base gives points and an ability

Spawning into a game

  • Get assigned to an island base

Player Actions

  • Move - 1AP/tile
  • Fire torpedo. 1AP
  • Passive Sonar Scan 2 AP, shows enemies
  • Active Sonar Ping 1 AP, but reveals you to enemies
  • Attack Island, 1AP
  • Capture Island, 1AP per garrison on the

Abilities from Islands

  • Air Strike
  • Reinforce Island
  • Sonar


No "win" state as such, but scoreboard shows on screen, in the style of .io games.

On death, you get respawned with a reset score